We Secure What Matters To Our Clients


SecMatters is an independent provider of cyber security and risk management services across Australia.



As the economy enters the next wave of digital enablement we are focused on helping our clients embrace new business opportunities while managing their cyber security risks and controls.

Cyber security is considered essential to maintaining trust between organisations and their customers. The changing nature of the cyber threat landscape means that a comprehensive and long-term commitment to cyber security and risk management must be embedded within an organisation’s culture.

We encourage all businesses to be cognisant of their cyber security risks and take steps to strengthen their cyber security controls. We offer guidance on detecting and preventing cyber security attacks, while ensuring they are well positioned to respond to and recover from cyber security attacks when they occur.

We collaborate closely with government, the private sector, academia and regulatory bodies to build broad based cyber security awareness, educate business leaders and decision makers, and develop sound cyber security and risk management practices.